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    "The embroidery is really beautiful. I was deciding between the white and black and went with the white because it is better for wearing to work. I think the black would be good with black jeans for a night out  The material is also much sturdier than I was expecting. I was picturing it being lightweight. I think it will last a long time.- Anna 
    "As a shop owner, I'm in a position to resist a lot of beautiful clothing that crosses my path because my closet is so abundantly full! But every now and then there's a special piece that I just can't resist and the Tilla top is one of those pieces". - Lisa
    "The hand embroidery on my scarf is gorgeous. I love that it instantly dresses me up without much effort and adds a pop of color to my neutral wardrobe". - Tiffany 
    "I bought a beautiful scarf made by Kiran at markets in Berkley, unfortunately I’ve lost it. It was light cotton, beige with lovely colourful embroidery, I saw it on your website last year but it’s now not there. I’m travelling back to the States from Australia next month and was wondering if I can replace it".- Mishaela