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    Eco friendly T-shirt

    Hand made clothing

    Description Why Pre-order is Awesome

    Our twist on the traditional t-shirt except, instead of knit we used woven cotton Khadi fabric made from reclaimed yarn to ensure durability. We've used the salvage edge of the fabric in the design to ensure zero waste. The square tee adds the perfect minimalist style to your every day wardrobe with an organic texture, comfort and breath-ability of cotton, making it anything but basic.  

    Fit: Loose Fit. Tee sold by length. If you are 5-6" and above choose size large. Below 5-6", choose size small. Refer to size chart for exact lengths.

    Learn More about the Mystic Collection

    By pre-ordering this product you give us the ability to save on material and inventory costs which are passed on to you as savings.

    You get the ability to customize and order to your size.

    You get to directly impact the artisans by keeping them employed with a sustainable income.

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