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    Hand Embroidered Collection

    A Simple, Minimalist Collection with just the right amount of traditional art 

     P h i l o s o p h Y

    This collection echo’s our brand's philosophy of inclusiveness. In this time of chaos and division we hope to bring people together through art and fashion with the message of peace, love and unity.

    modest fashion






     I n s p i r a t i o N

    Inspired by the Moroccan architecture we’ve used various elements of the structures in our embroidery design varing from the decorative arches and geometric patterns to the calligraphic inscriptions bringing about a sense of harmony.


    Nomad T- shirt

    This is our twist on the traditional tee shirt. Instead of knit, we used Eco friendly, hand woven cotton khadi made from recycled yarn featuring hand embroidered calligraphy.

    For this tee we brought together the design of local Bay Area designer, Elaine Hamblin with the calligraphic art of Persian Artist,  Arash Shirinbab which is brought to life with the hand embroidered technique’s of our artisans in Pakistan.

    Love, Peace & Unity are the words calligraphed on this piece. Arash arranged them in a way that conveys a symbolic meaning. Hubb (love) is placed as a base, Wahdah (unity) on the top,  and Sallam (peace) kind of linking them all. Essentially saying that it is through love and unity that we can truly achieve peace linking it back to the message of this collection.


    designer wear 

     Meet Elaine Hamblin

    A beautiful person with a beautiful heart and the designer of our limited edition Nomad tee. Elaine is the owner and designer of Kosa Arts, an interior and apparel boutique in Oakland, California. She has an extensive career in the apparel industry, leading technical design teams in SF and NY, when not treasure hunting for curious objects. 

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    Arabic Calligraphy










    Meet Arash Shirinbab, who is an award winning artist and calligrapher based in Berkeley, California. He has participated in over 70 exhibitions (over 10 solos) nationally and internationally including Triton Museum of Art in California, the Kunsthaus-Berlin-Marbella Center in Spain, and the Saadabad Palace in Tehran. Shirinbab’s calligraphy and artworks in his personal style earned him 1st Place and Best of the Show Award for the 50 Shades of Gray competition by Focus Point & Shape Gallery 2014. We are honored to partner with him on this collection and hope to bring you more of his work as wearable Art.

     Fair Trade fashion

    Eco friendly clothing