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    hijabi fashion


    We know that you value comfort and style and these are the two key elements behind our design process. Our goal always is to provide you with comfort pieces that are flattering on all body shapes. We pay close attention to fabrics, making sure to use natural, breathable materials that you can live in all day.

    ethical production


    Once the designs are finalized they are hand cut by our master tailor who gives us the fabric that needs to embroidered. All our pieces are made in small batches, individually cut and never mass produced. We've worked with expert pattern makers from Dubai and San Francisco, with over 20 years of industry experience to bring you the best fit for style and comfort.

    artisan made

    Design Transfer

    Master Waheed is an expert in the art of transferring embroidery design on to fabric. He free hands our designs on to carbon paper and uses the traditional prick and pounce method of transferring pattern in order to capture the most intricate details.

    fair trade fashion

    Hand Embroidery

    We call this the "magic stage". This is where the women artisans use their creativity in terms of embroidery technique to bring life into the fabric creating a piece of art that cannot be replicated. Each piece takes the artisan 2-3 days to complete.

    Luxury fashion

    Wear What Matters. Wear A Piece of Art.