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    Fashion is not glitz and glamour. Fashion is the key to womens development.

    fast fashion facts

    Our story begins in 2013 when the Rana plaza incident took the lives of 1200 garment workers in Bangladesh. An incident that shook the fashion industry and that caused consumers like us to look deeper into how our clothes are made.


    What we found out were these facts that we had experienced firsthand having lived in many countries around the world, but never knew how closely linked they were to our fashion choices. From cotton pickers, artisans and the garment workers our clothes are tied to the well being of women in developing nations and as someone who feels deeply about women’s development we feel that the key to improving their condition is education and financial empowerment through employment and fair wage.


    Pakistan has a huge women artisan resource that is untapped due to the political climate of the country. Without access to the global economy their skills are perishing and they are living under poverty despite having an amazing talent. Purple Impression was born out of this and our mission since is to use fashion as a force of change for women’s development and conservation of our planet. We have committed to full transparency and never compromise on our values of:


    Women Empowerment

    Fairness and equality


    Giving Back

    Eco Consciousness


    We invite you to join us to pick up the pebbles as we move the mountain together.

      Our Story:

      These four facts have changed our lives because at one point or another in our lives, we have witnessed these first hand.  We have seen the women in developing nations always at the losing end across all sectors and we know now how closely our clothes can impact them.

      From the Cotton pickers to the final stitch on your shirt, your garment is closely tied to the well being of the 80% of women who are involved in making your clothes.


      We find ourselves privileged with our education living in the first world but we are well aware of the issues many women face in other nations. We believe that the key to improving their lives is education and financial independence through employment. With this in mind and one Skype contact of an NGO in Pakistan we headed to our parents home town determined to make our little mark in changing the way we consume fashion to improve lives. 

      Our Artisans:

      Hand embroidery and needlework, an art as old as humankind is believed to originate in the Orient and Middle East. This is why we went to one of the oldest cities of the world to revive the appreciation for thread hand embroidery that is dying to our demand for mass produced fashion. 

      What makes our embroidery Unique?

      Our artisans are some of the most talented hand embroiders in the entire region. Masters of many embroidery techniques, they are able to use different styles in a single design. This is what differentiates our hand work from others. We use the most delicate needle work reserved for royals & weddings, in a contemporary design making the traditional more urban. 


      Our Fabrics:

      Our clothing are works of art, some with days of hand embroidery that's guaranteed to last a lifetime and we can't have it done on just any fabric. We use the finest cotton without any blends to bring you comfort pieces that you can live in all day.