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    What If your garment could talk, what story would it tell?

    Purple Impression is a sustainable, artisan made brand using high fashion to provide employment opportunities for women in Pakistan. By fusing the traditional hand embroidery from one of the oldest cities in the world (Multan, Pakistan), their designers in San Francisco are able to create exclusive, hand crafted pieces while preserving this dying art.

    Each garment comes hand signed by its maker often showing the construction through videos. By adding a face and a name to every piece, they take you on a journey across the globe, creating a sense of connection which adds meaning to your wardrobe. In line with their commitment to sustainability they are working with natural, Eco recycled fabric, using hand cutting techniques to ensure minimal to zero waste, utilizing selvage edge within the design and incorporating creative embroidery techniques to use leftover fabrics. All in hopes of leaving a better planet that can be enjoyed by all.